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You can help the IEEE community realize its full potential with a bite-sized monthly gift. Your commitment to a recurring gift demonstrates your ongoing dedication to improving access to technology, enhancing technological literacy, and supporting technical education.

Monthly donors make automatic donations every month, which makes it easier for IEEE programs to plan long-term and budget more efficiently. Monthly donors sustain our programs. And you can change your amount or cancel at any time.

Why become a monthly donor?

  • By spreading your gift out month to month, making an impact can fit any budget.
  • A gift every month adds up to a big yearly impact. And we will send a yearly statement for tax purposes.
  • Your donation is automatic – but can be changed at any time.
  • You make a difference every day with ongoing, reliable support.
  • Set and forget it, you will receive updates on your impact but won’t receive regular appeals for support.

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