Cash Prize and Honorarium Giving

Turn Your Speaking Engagement or Award into a Good Deed

Award Recipients and Conference Speakers who receive cash prizes or speaker fees may choose to donate the prize to one or more of the designated funds of the IEEE Foundation, including the IEEE Foundation Fund, History Center Fund, Life Members Fund, or one of the 250+  other funds administered on behalf of IEEE organizational units.

If you wish to donate your honorarium, and avoid the taxable income, you must designate that IEEE (via IEEE conference chair/IEEE conference treasurer/ IEEE staff director or IEEE senior administrator) transfer the honorarium directly to the IEEE Foundation. By submitting a request to redirect your honorarium directly to IEEE Foundation, you will not need to complete a W-8 or W-9 form. If you accept the honorarium payment, the honorarium may become taxable income.

The IEEE Foundation routinely handles arrangements for honorarium recipients who desire to ‘repurpose’ their honorarium for a good cause. If you would like to designate your award/speaker honorarium, please download and complete the Cash Prize or Speaker Fee Donation Form and email a copy to the IEEE Foundation at or by mail at the address below. Your donation may remain anonymous at your request.

Cash Prize and Honorarium Giving News

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