Marketable Securities

Leveraging Appreciated Marketable Securities to Support IEEE

A gift of appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds may provide a significant benefit to you as a donor as well as support the mission of the IEEE Foundation.

By donating appreciated securities that you have held for at least one year, you:

  • Avoid the capital gains taxes on the "paper profits"
  • Are entitled to a charitable income tax deduction on the full fair value of the asset
  • May use the deduction, up to 30%, of your adjusted gross income in the year of the gift, and you can carry forward any unused deductions for the next five years.
  • Support a charitable activity that advances technology and education.

If the security you wish to donate has decreased in value, it is normally better from a tax perspective to sell the stock, take the capital loss on your tax return, and make the gift with the cash proceeds.

There are two ways to make a donation of securities: by an Electronic Transfer Authorization or through Physical Delivery. Be sure to notify us of the method you plan to use.

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