The Impact of Technology on Humanity

Nita Patel

Nita Patel joined IEEE originally because, “it was a great way for a shy person like me to meet others in the engineering field.” Since joining, she has been an active volunteer on multiple committees and boards, and has attended many conferences.

“I think it is vitally important to do good,” Nita says. When talking about the IEEE Foundation, Nita says, “I am interested in the scholarship funds and special projects focusing on humanitarian outreach and engineering literacy. As technologists, we have the power to make a difference in the world and I like that the IEEE Foundation encourages these types of programs.” She went on to say, “I think many scholarships that the Foundation supports are critical to inspiring and engaging the next generation of active volunteers.”

Nita shared, “I am an active IEEE volunteer and I donate to the IEEE Foundation because I know the funds are used on real programs by passionate volunteers who are excited about making a difference.” She added, “I especially appreciate that the overhead is low and that there are specially designated funds to provide even more specificity to my donations.”

“I know that members give their time to IEEE, but not all goals can be accomplished by manpower alone,” Nita said. “I think many IEEE members are passionate about what they do and would love to see that passion shared by the greater public. Supporting the IEEE Foundation is one easy way to do that.”

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