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IEEE Foundation Commemorates its 50th Anniversary and Looks to the Future at Sections Congress 2023

The IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Board hosts the IEEE Sections Congress every three years, bringing together hundreds of volunteer delegates from all 10 IEEE regions. The IEEE Foundation was…

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An Exclusive Interview with IEEE Foundation Chief Canine, Bruno McDonald

Our special guest today is Bruno, who is the Best Friend of John McDonald, the IEEE Foundation 50th Anniversary Chair. Bruno has recently been appointed as: The IEEE Foundation 50th…

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Reflecting on Our 2022 Impacts

We wish you a happy new year! 2022 was an incredibly special and eventful year for us at IEEE Foundation; thank you for being a part of it! We are…

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IEEE Smart Village: Supports Students to Create Global Solutions

IEEE Smart Village (ISV) delivers three interrelated and interdependent pillars – Energy, Education and Entrepreneurship – that empower off grid communities. Since 2015, the centerpiece of the ISV Education pillar…

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EPICS in IEEE Student Teams Tackling Environmental Sustainability Challenges

Every region of the world faces opportunities to improve environmental sustainability such as integrating renewable energy sources, creating potable water, reducing waste streams, and minimizing resource consumption. Given the importance…

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IEEE MOVE is Positioned for Response

MOVE I, the original IEEE-USA’s Mobile Outreach Vehicle, has been relocated to California to support the western United States. Cisco generously donated a new response vehicle (MOVE II), which will serve…

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EPICS Welcomes New Leadership

Dr. Stephanie Gillespie

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First Deployment of IEEE MOVE International: Puerto Rico

By Jennifer Castillo In the first weekend of February 2022, non-stop rains caused heavy floods in the north coast of Puerto Rico with Toa Alta and Cataño being two of…


IEEE Foundation in Support of Giving and Gaining Happiness

Each year the world acknowledges International Day of Happiness, a day recognizing this fundamental need, that’s both the focus of so much energy and, at the same time, often overlooked…

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The IEEE Foundation 2022—2023 Funding Opportunity Guide

The four pillars of the IEEE Foundation — Illuminate, Educate, Engage, and Energize — are not just ideals. Each pillar represents a practical and impactful implementation of its principals through dozens of…