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IEEE Foundation and IEEE Educational Activities: Inspiring the Technologists of Tomorrow

Educating the next generation of innovators and engineers is one of the core pillars of the IEEE Foundation. One of our main partners in this quest is IEEE Educational Activities…

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EPICS in IEEE: A Year in Review

The EPICS in IEEE program had a stellar year in 2022. As educational institutions were better able to navigate through another year of the global pandemic—students returned to team-based learning…


Jon C. Taenzer Memorial Fund: Supporting Positive Initiatives Worldwide

Generosity can often have positive and far-reaching effects — and this has never been more clearly demonstrated than by the indelible impact the legacy of Jon C. Taenzer, through the…

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EPICS in IEEE Student Teams Tackling Environmental Sustainability Challenges

Every region of the world faces opportunities to improve environmental sustainability such as integrating renewable energy sources, creating potable water, reducing waste streams, and minimizing resource consumption. Given the importance…

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Environmental Competition Inspires University Students to Address Climate Change

EPICS in IEEE, thanks to the grant from the United Engineering Foundation (UEF), successfully launched the EPICS in IEEE Environmental Competition for University Students. This competition has inspired teams of…

Dr. Stephanie Gillespie

EPICS Welcomes New Leadership

Dr. Stephanie Gillespie

Investing in Potential and Transforming Lives Around the Globe

Investing in Potential and Transforming Lives Around the Globe

We proudly recall the ways IEEE Foundation served as the IEEE philanthropic partner during 2021 and enter 2022 with a sense of achievement and excitement for the future. In the December…