PES Scholars Ensure the Future of the Sector

PES S+ 2022 23 Article

Ensuring the electric grid is maintained and transformed to accommodate society’s changing needs depends upon attracting smart, energized and dedicated engineering students to the field. Enter the IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship Plus Initiative (PES S+). PES S+ awards scholarships to high-achieving undergraduate students majoring in electrical engineering who have strong GPAs and distinctive extracurricular commitments.

Seventy-five students from 52 universities across the United States and Canada were selected by PES S+ as the 2022-23 IEEE PES Scholars. PES Scholars receive a financial award, one year of IEEE PES student membership and the opportunity to be mentored by leading professionals in the power and energy industry. The Initiative provides real world experience in addition to the scholarships and depends upon the generous support of donors like the Hoveida Family Foundation, Sahazizian Family, Jo-Ann and John McDonald and many, many others.

Each PES Scholar has a unique and fascinating story. Meet five of the incredibly smart, dedicated and talented 2022-23 IEEE PES Scholars:

Sarah Aman, South Dakota State University, us a two time PES Scholar and winner of the best student poster at the annual 2022 IEEE PES General Meeting Conference.

Read her profile: One to Watch: Sarah Aman, A Rising Industry Star

Sofia Brumbaugh, Santa Clara University, is a one time PES Scholar and IEEE Region 6 2022-23 John Estey Outstanding Scholar.

Read Sofia’s profile: How One Engineering Student Seeks to Change the World Through Environmental Activism and Giving Back

Jack Carnovale, University of Pittsburgh, is a two time PES Scholar and IEEE Region 2 2022-23 John Estey Outstanding Scholar.

Read Jack’s profile: From Legos to Microgrids – One Student’s Journey to Becoming the Engineer He Is Meant to Be

Eric Eltringham, New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), is a two time PES Scholar and IEEE Region 1 2022-23 John Estey Outstanding Scholar.

Read Eric’s profile: Making the Leap: An Engineering Student with the Will Finds a Way

Tyler Fogelson, South Dakota State University, is a three time PES Scholar and Region 4 2022-23 John Estey Outstanding Scholar.

Read Tyler’s profile: Solving Problems, Providing Reliability, and Making a Difference – How One Electrical Engineering Student Plans to Do All These Things, and More

Know an electrical engineering student interested in power & energy, encourage them to apply to become a PES Scholar. The application period closes on 30 June.

Interested in supporting the next generation of power & energy innovators, donate now.

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