Board of Directors

The IEEE Foundation is fortunate to be led by a group of smart, dedicated and compassionate IEEE members who work diligently to translate the values of our donors into social impact.


Board Ford

Ralph Ford

Board Delimar

Marko Delimar

Vice President, Programs
Board Rajala

Sarah A. Rajala

Vice President, Development
Board Martinez

Francisco Martinez

Board Geiger

Christopher Geiger


Directors at Large

Board Acero

Alex Acero

Board Cheung

Nim Cheung

Board Hudgins

Jerry L. Hudgins

Board McDonald

John D. McDonald

Howard Michel

Howard Michel

Board Panetta

Karen Panetta

Steven Phillips Headshot

Stephen Phillips

Tomy Sebastian Photo

Tomy Sebastian

Mary Ellen 5477 1

Mary Ellen Zellerbach

Ex-Officio Members

Ex-officio and corresponding members have the rights and privileges of directors except the right to vote.

Antonio Savini

Antonio Savini

Chair, IEEE History Committee
Board Cheung

Nim Cheung

Chair, Awards Board
Howard Wolfman Headshot

Howard Wolfman

Chair, IEEE Life Members Committee
David Whyte - President, IEEE Canadian Foundation

David H. Whyte

Chair, IEEE Canadian Foundation
Ex Officio Sampath Veeraraghavan'

Sampath Veeraraghavan

IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Board of Governors

Members Emeriti

Emeritus members of the Board are former IEEE Foundation Directors who made extraordinary contributions to the IEEE Foundation through their devotion of time, expertise, special initiatives, and service.

Board Henry Bachman

Henry L. Bachman

President Emeritus
Boarrd Leah Jamieson

Dr. Leah H. Jamieson

President Emerita
Board Emerson Pugh

Dr. Emerson W. Pugh

President Emeritus
Board Treichler

John R. Treichler

President Emeritus
Board David Conner

Dr. David A. Conner, P.E.

Director Emeritus
Board Lyle Feisel

Dr. Lyle D. Feisel

Director Emeritus
David Green Headshot

David Green

Director Emeritus

Theodore W. Hissey, Jr.

Director Emeritus
Pete Lewis And John Meredith

Peter A Lewis, P.E.

Director Emeritus
Board Joe Lillie

Joseph V. Lillie

Director Emeritus
Board Mintzer

Frederick C. Mintzer

Director Emeritus