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onsemi’s mission is to drive disruptive innovations to help build a better future. With a focus on automotive and industrial end-markets, the company’s work includes vehicle electrification and safety, sustainable energy grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure. 

Like the IEEE Foundation, onsemi is interested in solving the world’s most complex challenges and leading the way to creating a safer, cleaner, and smarter world through technology. This shared value made the partnership on the TryEngineering program a natural fit. onsemi supported TryEngineering through their Giving Now program, launched in 2022.

“Through our Giving Now program, onsemi is driving positivity forward by creating meaningful change for our planet and every community that we live and work in around the globe,” said Tyler Lacey, board president for the ON Semiconductor Foundation, a Giving Now program at onsemi. “On behalf of the Foundation, we’re proud to support the work of IEEE Foundation as we work toward making the world better together.” 

The US$137,000 grant will benefit TryEngineering’s Online Semiconductor Education and Motivational Initiative. This program initiative seeks to deliver professional development and curriculum resources to help pre-university teachers introduce their students (ages 10-14) to the semiconductor professions and industry. The program hopes to not only introduce the field and industry, but also develop the foundational knowledge needed to pursue high school and college-level engineering study.

“A skilled and diverse pipeline of workers is crucial to support plans for building semiconductor industry capacity globally,” shares Jamie Moesch, IEEE Educational Activities Managing Director. “IEEE Educational Activities is excited to be able to partner with onsemi to provide educational resources for younger children to help them learn about the opportunities available in this growing industry.”

The onsemi grant will fund the following:

  1. Video-based professional development courses to help educators develop foundational knowledge about semiconductors and the industry in a dedicated section of the TryEngineering website.
  2. Live teacher workshops are hosted in onsemi communities, with recordings of these sessions made available globally. 
  3. Multi-modal lesson plans that build student background knowledge about semiconductors, the industry, and pathways to careers.

This new initiative at TryEngineering is built on the program’s long-standing success. Launched in 2006, TryEngineering boasts 130 free hands-on, low-cost engineering lesson plans. More than 700,000 unique users access the TryEngineering content each year. 

“IEEE has experts in all the fields involved in the manufacturing of semiconductors and we have many excellent educators in these fields,” states Tom Coughlin, IEEE President-elect. “We are proud to be a resource for STEM technical initiatives as well as training the next generation of semiconductor process technicians and engineers.”

onsemi is supporting this initiative because the company has a commitment to building brighter futures through funding STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Education activities for underprivileged youth in underserved communities. Since 2016, onsemi has funded more than US$10.7 million in grants, employee matching, and dollars-for-doers for employee volunteerism.

If you would like to learn more about TryEngineering and the other impactful programs supported by the IEEE Foundation, please view the impact page. Or, if you are interested in following onsemi’s lead and donating, please visit our donation page.

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