IEEE Foundation Focus Newsletter Issue 36 - October 2023

The IEEE Foundation Focus Newsletter

The IEEE Foundation Focus Newsletter reports on the programs supported through philanthropy to the IEEE Foundation and the individuals and organizations whose charitable gifts of time, talent and treasure make the programs possible.

The Focus newsletter is printed twice a year and distributed through postal mail to IEEE donors and those wishing to remain informed about IEEE programs. It is also shared on our website.

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NepalSchool2 (1)

IEEE Smart Village Supporting Underserved Communities

IEEE Smart Village (ISV) is a unique program within IEEE. ISV provides seed money with the intent to empower  people through productive use of technology, expanded educational opportunities and enterprise…

Antikythera Mechanism National Archaeological Museum Athens By Joy Of Museum (1)

IEEE REACH: Celebrating the Information Age

IEEE REACH’s new “Information Theory” Unit helps honor ‘Father of Information Theory’Claude E. Shannon and the importance of information theory in today’s digital era. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan once…

CROP IEEE AP S Travel Award Recipients 2023 (2) (1)

Making Waves

The 2023 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and USNC-URSI Radio Science Meeting helped celebrate diversity and upcoming leaders in the field. On 23-28 July 2023, industry professionals from…

300px 1423 Peterson Godley & Beverage

Word of Mouth: IEEE’s Oral Histories Program

IEEE’s Oral Histories Program celebrates 55 years of conversations with the field’s greatest pioneers On top of the milestone 50th anniversary of the IEEE Foundation in 2023, another landmark achievement…

Project Members Practically Working On The Technology

Smart Toilets for Accessible Use Within Ugandan Communities

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) provide a pledge to “leave no one behind.” This pledge brings visibility to the idea that individuals with disabilities or differing abilities should…

Installation 3 (1)

New Endowment Fund is a Gift that Will Keep on Giving

Though individuals eventually pass away, their actions can have a far-reaching impact on others around the world long after they’re gone. Such is the case for Dorothy Percival, widow of…

TryEngineering - IEEE’s STEM portal

Philanthropy Dictates the Scale of TryEngineering’s Impact

TryEngineering inspires educators, parents, and students around the world to embrace engineering education and foster the next generation of technology innovators. We do this by providing indispensable resources for educators,…