Inspired by the Goldsmiths: Leaving A Legacy

Inspired By The Goldsmiths

While every donor to the IEEE Goldsmith Legacy League is unique, one word and one common thread ties them together. Legacy. But what, exactly, does that mean to each of them, and what motivated them to join?

Bruce W. Suter,  the 2016 recipient of IEEE’s Harry Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award, reflects on legacy, saying, “A legacy means there’s a way, after I pass, to continue to celebrate the things that are most important to me in life, including IEEE. I hope that my IEEE legacy will help inspire future generations of engineers to perform outstanding work. I hope my IEEE legacy displays a lifelong interest in science and technology.”

A former Director of the IEEE Foundation Board, Dr. John Impagliazzo has his focus on contributing to a better tomorrow. “You can’t take it with you, so why not do good and support IEEE and the IEEE Foundation,” he said. John added, “The Foundation does good work and it has the potential of making new pathways to benefit humanity and the future of the engineering profession.”

Joseph Hughes, who spent 34 years at Georgia Tech, is deeply committed to the education of future generations of engineers. Hughes noted, “I’ve become more attentive to the concept of legacy — not because I worry about how I’ll be remembered, but because I want to ensure the future of things that matter to me.”

IEEE Foundation Director  Dr. Karen A. Panetta, along with Jamie A. Heller, updated their estate plans and became IEEE Goldsmith Legacy League members in 2023. To her, Legacy means sustainability and long term impact. “Knowing that my lifelong dedication to developing programs and technology to benefit humanity will continue through my support of IEEE Foundation, I’m confident that my efforts had an impact and people recognize it. Helping others follow in our footsteps to make a better world for everyone is the most aspirational goal a person can have in life. Being a member of a community that embraces this at its core, ensures that we as individuals can really achieve this goal.”

From supporting education and scholarships and other initiatives that strengthen IEEE’s mission, the IEEE Goldsmith Legacy League members are truly Forever Generous. You can honor that generosity by joining them and creating a meaningful legacy of your own. 

Interested in exploring how IEEE can play a role in your estate plan, contact Danny DeLiberato, Development Officer, to hold a private and confidential discussion so we may answer any questions you may have about your plans. Danny can be reached by phone at +1 732.562.5446 or e-mail at

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