IEEE Women in Engineering Family Cares Grant Program: Fostering Inclusivity & Igniting Passion for STEM

WIE Family Cares Grant May 2024 (1)

In a remarkable stride towards making it easier for IEEE members with family care obligations to attend IEEE conferences, IEEE Women in Engineering is excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking initiative – The Family Cares Grant Program (FCGP).

The FCGP aligns with IEEE’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), placing a special emphasis on family care responsibilities. It recognizes that family care is a pivotal aspect of individuals’ lives and aims to provide financial assistance to those with primary responsibilities for childcare, elder care, and disability. This grant stands independent of other IEEE funds, ensuring a distinct purpose in supporting attendees facing family care challenges. 

As a testament to IEEE’s dedication to DE&I, the FCGP is not merely a standalone initiative but an integral part of the IEEE Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. Positioned under the Foundation Future Pillar, this program aims to secure a future where upcoming generations have access to educational and inspirational programs and services. It signifies a step forward in ensuring a level playing field for all conference participants, reinforcing the spirit of diversity and equal opportunity within the IEEE community.

The 2023-2024 IEEE WIEC Chair, Celia Shahnaz remarks, “The IEEE WIE Family Cares Grant Program (FCGP) not only empowers professionals in technology but champions inclusivity by recognizing and supporting the diverse caregivers within the global community. To strengthen the foundation of innovation fostering a more inclusive and resilient future for the entire IEEE family, let us endorse, share, and inspire your networks about availing FCGP!”

The first submission window for the FCGP is 3 June 2024 until 12 July 2024. Eligible individuals are encouraged to carefully review the guidelines and seize this incredible opportunity. With the FCGP, eligible participants can access grants of up to $1000 USD to help offset the cost associated with family care responsibilities. 

Interested in embracing inclusion and empowering passion by supporting the IEEE WIE Family Cares Grant Program? Contact Eileen R. Heltzer, CFRE at or call + 732 799-4431 or make a gift online.

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