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Grant Terms & Conditions

Grant Criteria

To increase the likelihood of funding, projects should address the following criteria: 

  • Furthers the scientific and educational purposes of IEEE
  • Relates to fields of interest of IEEE
  • Addresses the theme identified in the Request for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Is innovative
  • Is outside the normal operation of the applicant
  • Addresses a clearly defined need
  • Has a plan for successful completion of the project that is clear and realistic
  • Makes a noticeable difference
  • Project beneficiaries are clearly identified and are sufficient in number to assure that the project is likely to make an impact
  • The geographic area is broad enough that the project is likely to make an impact
  • The application includes a plan to effectively measure success
  • Has a high probability of replication
  • Project Leader has expertise to conduct project 
    • Note: Project Leaders & Team members cannot be a member or family member of the IEEE Foundation Board of Directors or IEEE Life Members Committee
  • Applying organization is qualified to oversee the project and agrees to do so. 
  • Budget is appropriate to the scope of the project
  • Grant request includes only allowable expenses (refer to: What We Don’t Fund)
  • Shared funding of project (preferred, not required)Project is twelve months or less in duration

Grant applications may be selected for funding that do not satisfy one or more of these criterion if their quality to the other considerations is sufficiently high.

What We Don't Fund

  • Organizations that are not a division of IEEE
  • Overhead (general and administrative or indirect costs)
  • Ongoing activities or operational costs of the applicant
  • Construction or building renovations (unless it is an extraordinary strategic initiative)
  • Lobbying or electioneering
  • Commercial promotion activities
  • Personal or commercial loans
  • Grants with an individual as the sole beneficiary
  • Scholarships to individuals
  • Endowments
  • Participation of specific/individual teams at competitions
  • Research & development, including prototypes to address humanitarian issues
  • Immediate disaster relief efforts

Reporting Guidelines

The IEEE Foundation requires regular and timely reports from its grantees. Reporting requirements vary depending upon the duration of the grant and the focus area. The Project Leader must provide reports in accordance with the following guidelines:

Reports must be submitted using the online grants management system:


A Grant Status Report must be submitted at the halfway point of the period of performance for each project, and shall:

  • Report on the progress of the project
  • Identify any issues or challenges
  • Report on any changes to the project team, budget, and timeline

A Grant Final Report must be submitted within one month after the conclusion of the period of performance, and shall:

  • Summarize the project's goals and objectives, beneficiaries to be served, and intended outcomes
  • Provide an objective assessment of hte success in achieving these goals and objectives and intended outcomes and report the statistics for the beneficiaries served
  • Account for grant expenditures
  • Describe the benefits that may be derived by IEEE through the replication or extension of the project


The IEEE Foundation invites grant applications exclusively from IEEE organizational units.

Grants can only be used for the expenses listed on the approved project budget included with the grant agreement. Any changes to the scope of work, project budget, period of performance, or Project Leader must be approved. Change requests must be sent to the IEEE Foundation office at foundation-office@ieee.org

Payments can only be made to IEEE Organizational Unit bank accounts. No payments will be made to personal accounts our non-IEEE entitiy accounts for this program. An initial payment of 80% shall be paid after the Grantee returns the signed Grant Agreement.  The final payment (up to but not exceeding the balance of the approved grant amount) will be released after submission of the Grant Final Report.


Contact the IEEE Foundation office:

Mr. Christopher Wright
IEEE Foundation Programs & Governance Manager
e-mail: wright.c@ieee.org

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