Grants Awarded in 2015

Your donations make it possible to fund innovative projects of interest to IEEE. Each year the IEEE Foundation receives many more requests to its Grants Program than it is able to support. In 2015, the IEEE Foundation Grants Committee identified eight worthy projects, conducted all around the world, and awarded a total of US$228,543 in grants.

Grants are awarded through the IEEE Foundation Fund and the IEEE Life Members Fund.

In 2015, the IEEE Foundation awarded grants to IEEE organizational units for projects that addressed the theme: 
Increase the understanding of technology and its critical role in meeting global challenges and improving the human condition.

IEEE Foundation Fund (FF)

Demonstrating Geothermal Technology

The IEEE West Michigan Section received a $7,950 grant to create a free public exhibit at Barnes Park in Traverse City, MI, USA. The exhibit, which opened in October 2015, will teach basic concepts of physics of geothermal technology and illustrate different technologies that can be used to benefit the environment. IEEE Region 4 - Central U.S.

Claude Shannon Documentary & Outreach

The IEEE Information Theory Society was awarded a $90,000 grant to produce a 60-minute documentary about the life and work of Claude E. Shannon. Known as the father of information theory, Shannon did pioneering work in digital circuit design, communications, cryptography, and artifical intelligence. Worldwide.

Cybernectics: The Norbert Wiener Media Project 
The IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology (SSIT) will use its $35,529 grant to educate the public about cybernetics, which is the study of control and communication in both humans and machines. SSIT plans to produce a 10-minute documentary about Norbert Weiner, the father of cybernetics, and create a website dedicated to the latest development in the field. Worldwide.

Introduction to Internet Governance
A $20,000 grant was awarded to the IEEE Toronto Section to produce a series of online videos on the topic of Internet governance. IEEE Region 7 - Canada.

Videos to Raise Awareness of Techno-Social Issues 
The IEEE Kerala Section chapter of the IEEE SSIT received $12,000 to hold a video contest. Participants were asked to submit online videos addressing ways that technology affects society. IEEE Region 10 - Asia and Pacific. 

IEEE Life Members Fund (LMF)

Young Minds Know About Imaging, Water, Agriculture
The IEEE Buenaventura (Columbia) Section received $16,331 to develop educational programs for high school and university students on how to use imaging technology to analyze the area's water supply, usage, and distribution to help local farmers produce more food with less water.
IEEE Region 6- Wester U.S.

Power Collection, Dispersion, and Alternatives
A $10,303 grant was awarded to the IEEE student branch at the University of Texas, Dallas to build a model of the local power grid to demonstrate the effects of harmonics, which are voltages and currents caused by non-linear electricity loads, on power transmission. Harmonics are a frequent cause of blackouts. IEEE Region 5 - Southwestern U.S.

STEM Outreach Using Student-built Humanoid Robots

The IEEE North Carolina Section received a $36,430 grant to continue its Humanoid Robot project. Members of the section built a robot named Ken that looks like a human and can process speech, detect faces, and have simple conversations with people. The money will be used to train local students to operate the bot and travel to local schools and community events to teach children and adults about robotics. IEEE Region 3 - Southern U.S.

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Thanks to you and the donations raised in cooperation with IEEE organizational units, 229 IEEE funds, 13 of which were added in 2020, benefited from your generosity to the IEEE Foundation.

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