IEEE Life Members Program Launches New Website

Life Members Homepage

IEEE’s Life Members Committee is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website,

The new Life Members website showcases the impact donors make through programs, opportunities, and resources that keep Life Members connected. Features of the website include:

  • Direction for how Members can become involved with the Life Member program
  • News and events to keep Members and visitors current on program activities, including an archival access to Life Member newsletters
  • Awards and recognition opportunities for Life Members and partnering organizations
  • Volunteer resources in support of expanding the program’s reach and impact globally

Development of the website commenced in 2021 and was a collaborative effort. “For about a year, we conducted the painstaking process of reviewing all of our activities and reimagining a more intuitive and efficient way to connect our Members and the public to the million years of professional and life experiences that IEEE Life Members have to offer,” according to Howard Wolfman, Chair of IEEE’s Life Members Committee.

“In addition to improving connectivity and fellowship among our life members,” Wolfman says, “we have begun taking bold, new measures to support the next generation of innovators.” Throughout this year and next, he says, the Life Members Committee will collaborate with the IEEE Foundation to raise funds to support leadership-development events and opportunities for IEEE’s student members.

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