IEEE Life Member Positions IEEE at the Top of His Charitable List

IEEE Life Senior Member Paul Dorvel has spent more than 30 years in the electrical power industry focusing on high-voltage transmission lines but appreciates the varied challenges in other engineering fields too. One of the highlights of his career was traveling to Africa to promote photovoltaic-powered irrigation pumps. Paul is devoted to supporting the improvement of humanity through his profession.

Paul sees his donations on his membership renewal form as an extension of this work and often supports the IEEE Foundation, Life Member, IEEE History Center and HKN Funds with his gifts.

“I find IEEE very valuable by keeping dedicated electrical engineers connected while supporting their ongoing learning,” shares Paul. “I am besieged with requests to support this or that. All are worthwhile, but I rank IEEE near the top!”

One of his current passions is mentoring younger engineers at the beginning of their power system careers. He supports students through the HKN Fund but also sees his contributions to the IEEE History Center especially important as it “reminds us of the development arc traced from simplistic slide rules to complex supercomputers.”

Paul received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University. He spent the first two decades of his career at R.W. Beck and is now a project manager at Leidos Engineering based in Seattle, WA, USA. He has been donating through his IEEE member dues renewal form since 1999. You can join Paul with your dues renewal gift by checking the donation box on your IEEE membership renewal form or, if renewing online, selecting one of the IEEE Foundation Funds in your shopping cart. Learn how to make your donation while renewing online.

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