IEEE Foundation Day

IEEE Foundation is at the heart of IEEE charitable giving and philanthropy.

On 10 January 1973, the IEEE Board of Directors voted to create the IEEE Foundation. On 16 February 1973, one month later, the IEEE Foundation was founded. For more than 50 years, the IEEE Foundation has worked side by side with generous donors and IEEE program partners to unleash exciting, thoughtful and impactful programming that advances technology for the benefit of humanity.

Join us as we reflect on the impact shaped by time, talent and treasure during this Celebration of Heart on 16 February 2024: IEEE Foundation Day.

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You are the heart of impact shaped by time, talent and treasure

In 1973, what started with the goal to further the scientific and educational purpose of IEEE, became IEEE’s philanthropic partner, the IEEE Foundation. We are proud to say, over 50 years, this seed of an idea, watered with your passion, values, and care blossomed into meaningful, real-world impact.

When thousands of people come together, with good ideas, professional know-how, tremendous generosity and heart - amazing things happen.

Such as:

  • Bringing electricity, education and entrepreneurial spirit enterprise to remote communities
  • Changing the face of engineering by closing the gender gap
  • Removing financial barriers for high-achieving students and young professionals
  • Preserving hundreds of oral histories like Claude Shannon’s and important technological artifacts And celebrating exceptional contribution to IEEE’s fields of interest 

From global conferences to science kits in local public libraries – when IEEE communities come together, big things happen. Together, we are uniquely positioned to change the world for the better. 

Whether you’re a volunteer, donor, scholarship recipient, grant beneficiary, program founder, award recipient, IEEE leader, social media champion, Board Member or friend to the IEEE Foundation - we value your passion, and we know what you all have in common. The IEEE Foundation is where you bring your above and beyond. It’s where you bring your heart.  

Real World Impact

Watch this video to learn more about the amazing things that happen when thousands of people come together with good ideas, professional know-how, tremendous generosity and heart.

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"IEEE Foundation Day is a tremendous opportunity for the IEEE community to celebrate the significant achievements enabled by the generous support of our many volunteers and donors, as well as increase the impact that we will continue to have in the future."

Ralph Ford
IEEE Foundation President

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Welcome to the most pawsome celebration of the year! I’m wagging my tail with all the excitement! My human, John McDonald, said the IEEE Foundation picked 16 February as the special day because, more than 50 years ago in 1973, it’s the day that the Foundation was founded. Rightfully, they named it IEEE Foundation Day. The IEEE Foundation was established to inspire philanthropic investment in technology and educational programs that support the IEEE global community for the benefit of humanity…and canines (I hope). It’s just so pawfect!

Bruno McDonald
IEEE Foundation Chief Canine


The Heart of IEEE Philanthropy – IEEE Foundation

As the philanthropic partner of IEEE, the IEEE Foundation translates the values of our members and donors into social impact. We connect IEEE initiatives with financing, expertise and philanthropic guidance. Our goal is to put effort where philanthropy and technology intersect. 

Together, we deliver opportunity, innovation and impact, and advance the IEEE mission across the globe. 

Vision: To be the heart of IEEE charitable giving and philanthropy. 

Mission: To expand the IEEE charitable body of work by inspiring philanthropic engagement that ignites a donor’s innermost interests and values. 

Pillars: Thanks to our donors and the funds raised in cooperation with IEEE Organizational Units, the  IEEE Foundation works across IEEE to invest in IEEE programs that bring the promise of technology and  the knowledge to use it to the world. Many of our programs offer multiple benefits and we categorize them under five main categories: Illuminate, Educate, Engage, Energize and Future.


Share Your IEEE Foundation Story

In celebration of IEEE Foundation Day, consider sharing your heartfelt story on the IEEE Foundation Day Kudoboard. Whether you are a donor, program partner, beneficiary or volunteer; your passion, values and care blossomed into meaningful, real-world impact.

  • Donors: share what motivated you to make a gift to IEEE programs through the IEEE Foundation. Your financial gift waters the seeds of impact.

  • Program Partners, Beneficiaries and Volunteers: share your IEEE Foundation-related impact stories and photos. What is the impact of donor support and how has it made a difference?

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