Giving Back to the Next Generation of Power Engineers

Murty Bhavaraju

Dr. Murty P. Bhavaraju joined IEEE as a student. His mentors at PSE&G encouraged him to participate in the IEEE Power & Energy Society by joining committees, participating in conferences, and submitting technical papers. IEEE activity became a second job.

Murty is an active volunteer and donor. He is an Honored Philanthropist as a member of the IEEE Heritage Circle. There are two funds in particular that interest him. He donates to the PES Award Endowment Fund which recognizes outstanding work in electric power engineering. He also donates to the IEEE Power & Energy Scholarship Fund of which he said, “I wanted to be one of the first donors to this fund to motivate my peers to join the effort.” Murty added, “the statistics on potential retirement of power engineers and the need for new engineers are alarming; we need to attract students to our profession. IEEE PES Scholarship Plus is a promising way to achieve this initiative.”

“Supporting IEEE Foundation, and leveraging a company matching gift, is an effective way to give back to IEEE and the society for the benefits we as IEEE members derive from the participation in IEEE technical and educational activities,” Murty says. “I believe my IEEE membership and activities benefited me immensely in my career and in various recognition I received.” Murty left us with an inspiring message. “While position, papers, or patents are important, legacies are measured by what you leave with others through mentoring and by inspiration.”

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