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August 2019 Campaign Update
Realize the Full Potential of IEEE
IEEE Foundation is leading a special campaign across IEEE’s expansive network to raise awareness, forge partnerships, and fund Priority Initiatives.
Global Reach, Local Impact

There are an increasing number of donors, like you, who recognize that philanthropic portfolios can be both local and international – and that by addressing problems in a cross border and comprehensive way, philanthropy is making a real difference. Together, we can solve global problems using philanthropy to drive successful programming.

IEEE is uniquely qualified with the knowledge, skills and resources to address global technical challenges and deliver affordable, innovative programs and services that best address the needs of our global constituents. Your philanthropy is leading the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign to generate the financial resources required to expand and enhance IEEE programs that have global reach and local impact. To date, the Campaign is at 69.2% of its US$30 million goal.


From Blackboard to Digital Board

The quality of education in government schools in India is sub-standard due to crumbling infrastructure and lack of qualified teachers.

Timken, an American Engineering firm, values technology’s role in improving lives and saw an alignment of social and educational interests with IEEE. Thus, a partnership was born to work to improve learning outcomes in India. Timken pledged INR 70 Lacs (US$100,000) to Global IEEE for an E-Learning Project under the direction of EPICS in IEEE.

Timken’s generosity is funding the implementation of E-learning modules in 50 schools in Jharkhand, one of the poorest states of India. The objective of the project is accelerating digital learning for all ages with a goal of increasing personal learning options for students and expanding instructional opportunities for teachers and instructors.


Toyota Renews Commitment to IEEE Award for Environmental and Safety Technologiess

In 2008, Toyota Motor Corporation and IEEE established the IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies Award with assistance from Professor Fumio Harashima, Professor Hiroyuki Sakai and 2019 IEEE President-Elect Professor Toshio Fukuda. In 2018, Toyota renewed its commitment to this global award through a second US$300,000 gift to the IEEE Foundation, ensuring that the award will be presented through at least 2030.

“Toyota’s ongoing commitment to the IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies will inspire individuals and organizations to develop innovative technologies to benefit humanity around the world,” said IEEE President José M. F. Moura. “We are pleased to work with Toyota to continue to recognize outstanding contributions in environmental and safety technologies.”.


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IEEE History Center’s 200th Milestone Dedication - Polymer Trace Heater
The conductive polymer in this cable revolutionized the temperature maintenance of process piping, which has had major applications in refineries and chemical plants, and made freeze protection of water pipes simple and energy efficient.
Empower a Billion Lives Global Finals
Empower a Billion Lives Global Finals at IEEE ECCE Conference in Baltimore, MD, USA.
One year until the culmination of the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign. Check out IEEE Day in a box for ideas to plan your celebration in support of IEEE Foundation.
Empower a Billion Lives Global Finals
Empower a Billion Lives Global Finals at IEEE ECCE Conference in Baltimore, MD, USA.

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This Campaign Update provides news on the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign and the individuals and organizations whose charitable gifts make the Campaign a success.
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