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March 2019 Campaign Update
Realize the Full Potential of IEEE
IEEE Foundation is leading a special campaign across IEEE’s expansive network to raise awareness, forge partnerships, and fund Priority Initiatives.
FOOTSTEPS: IEEE's Commemoration of Human Space Travel

Throughout 2019, IEEE will highlight the technical contributions made by IEEE members in the field of space travel through "FOOTSTEPS: IEEE'S Commemoration of Human Space Travel," culminating on 20 July, which mark’s the 50th anniversary of humans’ first landing on the moon. We look forward to celebrating these historical events and the IEEE members that helped it become a reality.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to helping us preserve your history.

The IEEE History Center, supported in part by donations to the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign, is leading FOOTSTEPS: IEEE's Commemoration of Human Space Travel.

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Exploring the Impacts of Transformative Technologies on the Workforce

The world of work is changing, but what does the future look like?

That is the interesting and complex question the panel of experts convened by IEEE TechEthics discussed during the "Shaping the Future Workforce: Transformative Impacts of Emerging Technologies" event. Open to the public, this high energy and well-attended in-person and virtual event was hosted at The Cooper Union, New York, NY, US as part of the IEEE TechEthics Conversations Series.


EPICS Expo Showcases Projects to Help Silicon Valley

EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) in IEEE, supported by the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign, empowers students to work with local service organizations to apply technical knowledge to implement solutions for a community’s unique challenges.

A first of its kind event, the EPICS Expo, was held at San Jose State University (SJSU) on 18 February and provided a venue for students from SJSU and Santa Clara University (SCU) to showcase their projects, designed specifically to help the Silicon Valley community.


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Global Day of the Engineer
Happy Global Day of the Engineer, the worldwide event that celebrates and recognizes engineers.
Volunteer Week
We can’t say “Thank You” enough to our outstanding IEEE volunteers world-wide!
FOOTSTEPS - IEEE's Commemoration of Human Space Travel Anniversaries
12 April 1961— Yuri Gagarin space flight
12 April 1981—Space Shuttle STS-1 Columbia launches, on the 20th anniversary of Gagarin’s flight

Celebrate PES Day
11 years ago, the IEEE Power & Engineering Society was reborn with renewed determination to serve the needs of its members and society. PES is the largest philanthropic IEEE Society partner of the IEEE Foundation.

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This Campaign Update provides news on the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign and the individuals and organizations whose charitable gifts make the Campaign a success.
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