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Late May 2018 Campaign Update
Realize the Full Potential of IEEE
IEEE Foundation is leading a special campaign across IEEE’s expansive network to raise awareness, forge partnerships, and fund Priority Initiatives.
An Opportunity to Celebrate Achievement and Impact
Bradford W. Parkinson was awarded the 2018 IEEE Medal of Honor for leading the development of GPS and advocating its early applications.


The IEEE Honors Ceremony is a unique event. It is the second year that the Vision, Innovation and Challenges Summit went behind the scenes of the most innovative and successful technology celebrities culminated by recognizing and celebrating achievement. The end result is typically a gala event filled with luminaries from the technology sector.

Hosted this year at San Francisco’s opulent Palace Hotel, the 2018 edition of this event did not disappoint in terms of attracting the very best IEEE has to offer. The listing of honorees read like a technology Who’s Who. From GPS pioneer, Brad Parkinson, to Infosys Founder, Narayana Murthy (more on both at the link below), each award presentation told a compelling story as to how inspiring thinkers in general, and IEEE members in particular, are advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.


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Parkinson Honored for Role in Managing ‘the Links’ in GPS Chain

The most prestigious award bestowed by IEEE is the Medal of Honor. With recent past recipients such as Tom Kailath, Gordon Moore and Mildred Dresselhaus, anyone paying attention immediately knows that this is rarified air. Recipients of the IEEE Medal of Honor have traditionally shown a significant and lasting impact on society through the use of technology.


Founders Medal Presented to Narayana Murthy

It was a very good year for those who have served as featured guests at Global Leaders Series events. Earlier this year, Narayana Murthy, graced the Foundation by serving in that capacity at the Foundation’s first event outside the United States. The event, part of the Foundation’s Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign, was held in Bengaluru, India.


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Smart Village Documentary Screening
Special screening of National Geographic’s Breakthrough Episode - Power to the People featuring IEEE Smart Village held during the IEEE meeting series.
Alan Turing’s Birthday
He was a completely original thinker who shaped the modern world, but many people have never heard of him. Before computers existed, he invented a type of theoretical machine now called a Turing Machine, which formalized what it means to compute a number.
IEEE PES & IAS Power Africa Conference
A premier international forum on advances in the development and deployment of technologies and business models that are realizing Africa’s energy future.

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