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March 2018 Campaign Update
Realize the Full Potential of IEEE
IEEE Foundation is leading a special campaign across IEEE’s expansive network to raise awareness, forge partnerships, and fund Priority Initiatives.
Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign Officially Launches
After sharing inspiring words of support for the Campaign and the IEEE programs it benefits, with the flick of a symbolic wireless switch, IEEE Foundation Executive Director Karen Galuchie, Foundation President John Treichler, IEEE Executive Director Stephen Welby and IEEE President Jim Jeffries officially kicked off the launch and an evening of celebrating philanthropy.

On a beautiful day, in a magical venue, IEEE and IEEE Foundation announced the launch of a first-ever major fundraising Campaign at a convivial outdoor celebration during its Board Meeting Series on 15 February, in Orlando, FL, USA.

More than 215 IEEE Members from around the globe and IEEE professional staff attended the launch as the IEEE Foundation shared its objective of raising US$30 million in support of IEEE programs. IEEE and Foundation leadership announced that in excess of 50.14% of the total has already been committed – that’s $15.14 million raised to date!

IEEE members create and deploy technology to advance humanity, inspire STEM education, and work to power the future. Disney parks are heavily inspired by IEEE technologies to celebrate history, depict futurism and enhance the visitor experience. Disney uses data collection technology, RFID sensors, robotics, smartphone apps, and so much more all to enhance and personalize the experience. What a fitting venue for the launch of our Campaign that will help drive new levels of technological access, innovation, and engagement through a variety of far-reaching global initiatives designed to transform lives through the power of technology and education.

“As the philanthropic partner of IEEE, we are seeking financial support from both IEEE members and the public at large to continue and expand the Foundation’s programs, all of which are aimed at advancing technology in direct interest of humanity,” said John Treichler, President of the 2018 IEEE Foundation Board of Directors. “We are committed to the success of this Campaign and enabling programs that positively impact populations worldwide.”

The IEEE Foundation is driving a number of important donor-supported programs. These include, but are not limited to:

The broad and inclusive campaign welcomes and encourages participation from IEEE members and non-members alike who share a desire to address global challenges and support the IEEE mission of advancing technology for humanity.

"It’s an extraordinary time in the 45-year history of the IEEE Foundation and we’re excited to launch this landmark Campaign to increase public awareness of our important mission and expand support for our critical work,” added IEEE Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Stephen Welby. “Each donor who participates helps ensure that the future of IEEE holds even greater promise than its historic past. We welcome all to take this opportunity to help build on a legacy that can positively and indelibly impact generations to come."

You can donate to the campaign today. For more information about the Campaign, visit the Campaign Website or call +1 (732) 465-5871.
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Campaign Launch Video
Watch the Campaign video shown at the launch event. Your leadership and support will allow us to Realize the Full Potential of IEEE and raise $30 million by 2020 through IEEE’s first major fundraising Campaign.
Introducing the Campaign
IEEE Foundation Executive Director Karen A. Galuchie shares the history and primary objectives of the IEEE Foundation’s ambitious quest to Realize the Full Potential of IEEE.
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This Campaign Update provides news on the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign and the individuals and organizations whose charitable gifts make the Campaign a success.
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