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IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society Establishes the James D. Meindl Memorial Educational Fund

Following the passing of Professor James D. Meindl in June 2020 at the age of 87, the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (SSCS) has honored the industry giant by establishing the “IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society James D. Meindl Memorial Educational Fund,” which will enable SSCS to encourage, nurture and celebrate students and early career innovators in the field of solid-state circuits. The Meindl Memorial Educational Fund was formally announced at the 2021 ISSCC Conference opening session on 15 February.


IEEE Smart Village Co-Founders Larsen and Podmore Inducted into Hall of Honor

It wasn’t easy, even in a good natured way, to ridicule two men of such substance and accomplishment. On 16 November, Ray Larsen and Robin Podmore, the two co-founders of IEEE Smart Village, were honored (roasted) at the Rotary Silicon Valley Smart Village E-Club meeting. The theme of the Rotary Meeting was the “Ray and Robin Rotarian Roast.”

The meeting was quite fun and entertaining at the expense of Larsen and Podmore. Be assured though, that by the twinkle in their eyes, both Larsen and Podmore were delighted to be inducted into the newly formed, “IEEE Smart Village Hall of Honor” for their “Outstanding Service and Technical Contributions,” as was announced that evening.


IEEE Technical Field Award Renamed After Microelectronics Packaging Trailblazer Rao R. Tummala

The IEEE Electronics Packaging Award, an IEEE Technical Field Award (TFA) established in 2002, has been renamed in honor of a visionary in technology—Professor Rao R. Tummala.

The IEEE Electronic Packaging Society (EPS) partnered with the IEEE Foundation and the IEEE Awards Board to secure philanthropic support and rename the award to create a lasting legacy of Tummala through the work of the recipients of the IEEE Rao R. Tummala Electronics Packaging Award. "From time to time, the name of an IEEE Award will be changed to better represent the award scope or take the name of a technologist who has done outstanding work in that field," said IEEE Awards Board Chair, Karen Panetta. "Rao R. Tummala is a visionary innovator and educator in the field of electronics packaging, and I can't think of a better eponym for this IEEE Technical Field Award."


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Join us and IEEE Spectrum for a virtual tour of the Spectrum Robots Guide at 1 PM EST. We’ll explore IEEE’s award-winning Robots Guide, a fun, interactive site featuring hundreds of real robots! Register now.
Women’s History Month - Join us in commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in history.
Today on World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development engineers and engineering are celebrated as well as the important contributions of the profession to sustainable development and modern life.
Happy Pi Day 3.14! Nearly 4000 years ago, the ancient Babylonians used Pi (π) to calculate the area of a circle.
Join us as IEEE Foundation presents “The Telephone Ladies and the Bell System’s Spirit of Service During World War II.” Mary Ann Hellrigel, Ph.D., Institutional Historian and Archivist will explore Bell System’s response to increased demand for telephone service during World War II and AT&T’s decisions to expand its female labor force. Register here.
To celebrate World Radio Day - explore an IEEE REACH inquiry unit designed to lead students through a study of mass communications by exploring the history of radio and broadcasting.
Imagining Tomorrow - Engineers Week (February 21–27, 2021) is a time to celebrate the critical work of engineers and engage the next generation of innovators.
IEEE-HKN’s premier educational and networking event is now a multi-day, interactive, online experience! All the best features of the Student Leadership Conference, IEEE-HKN Founders Day celebrations and more are available through the “HKN Experience.

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