IEEE Foundation Disclosures

The core values of the IEEE Foundation include Integrity & Respect. In accordance, the content on this page provides information that is shared in the name of transparency and as required by the United States and the State of New York, which govern the IEEE Foundation.

Charitable Solicitation Disclosure Statements

These statements provide information about the organization's charitable activities, how donated funds are used, and the administration fee for funds. The webpage provides links to the disclosure statements for each state in the US where the IEEE Foundation is registered to solicit charitable donations.

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IEEE Foundation Privacy Policy

The IEEE Foundation is committed to protecting the personal information of its donors, partners, and website visitors. The policy explains what types of information the Foundation collects, how it is collected, and how it is used. It also describes the measures the Foundation takes to safeguard this information and the circumstances under which it may be shared with third parties. The policy includes details about the use of cookies and other tracking technologies, as well as information about the rights of individuals to access, correct, or delete their personal information.

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IEEE Foundation Governance and Oversight

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for overseeing the organization's operations and ensuring that it fulfills its mission. The Board is composed of volunteers from the IEEE community and meets regularly to make decisions about the Foundation's strategic direction, budget, and programs. It also provides information about the Foundation's bylaws, policies, and committees, as well as the roles and responsibilities of its staff and volunteers.

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