Decades of Membership Inspire Donor to Support STEM for the Next Generation

Jan and Mitchell Hobish

IEEE Lifetime Senior Member, Mitchell K. Hobish, Ph.D., was first exposed to IEEE through his father, an electrical engineer. As a young teen, he perused his father’s IEEE periodicals, even if he couldn’t understand them…

Dr. Hobish would go on to earn his bachelor’s in English (with a minor in electrical engineering) from The University of Rochester, New York. Further undergraduate work at Tulane University brought him another bachelor’s (in biology). Doctoral work in biochemistry at Johns Hopkins further cemented his connection with electrical engineering, as he used tools he had learned in class and lab and on the job to perform his research using some very high-tech equipment and approaches. Dr. Hobish’s professional involvement with IEEE began when he became a NASA contractor, having now maintained his membership for some 30 years, even while being self-employed for 36 years.

“I just couldn’t see pursuing related professional activities without being an IEEE member,” explains Dr. Hobish. “The reach is huge and the financial and professional benefits manifold.”

Much of Dr. Hobish’s professional work has involved education and public outreach in addition to technical work with national and international organizations, largely in aerospace and Earth science related fields. He has seen the potential for massive impact on younger people from hands-on exposure to STEM principles and activities, by working with and mentoring young professionals and through volunteer work with programs like FIRST Lego League and NASA’s Future Engineers, among other such.

“I wish I could support all the IEEE Foundation’s programs, as they are well-thought-out and implemented. I chose EPICs for this contribution because of the hands-on approach to involving students in addressing real-world needs at a stage in their education/career where it could provide the most leverage,” Dr. Hobish elaborates. “Similar assessments could be made for all the Foundation’s programs, but this one resonated with me the most at this time.”

Having worked with many technical professionals over the decades, Dr. Hobish appreciates the importance of acclimating students to the professionalism and superlative work ethics that are required to make an impact through engineering. For him, the IEEE Foundation is a vehicle to implement this early training through programs like EPICs.

“IEEE generally and the Foundation specifically are wonderful organizations, deserving of as much support as individual members can provide,” shares Dr. Hobish.

Dr. Hobish is joined in his philanthropy by his wife of 40 years, Jan. She has always championed his professional, outreach, and educational endeavors, as she also sees the benefits that accrue to the students with whom he works and supports.

Dr. Hobish’s generous philanthropic support of the EPICs program was accomplished through a gift of securities. You can learn more about joining Dr. Hobish in giving through this unique and impactful way on our website.

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