Global Reach, Local Impact

There are an increasing number of donors, like you, who recognize that philanthropic portfolios can be both local and international – and that by addressing problems in a cross border and comprehensive way, philanthropy is making a real difference. Together, we can solve global problems using philanthropy to drive successful programming.

IEEE is uniquely qualified with the knowledge, skills and resources to address global technical challenges and deliver affordable, innovative programs and services that best address the needs of our global constituents. Your philanthropy is leading the Realize the Full Potential of IEEE Campaign to generate the financial resources required to expand and enhance IEEE programs that have global reach and local impact. To date, the Campaign is at 69.2% of its US$30 million goal.

Bringing safe, clean, affordable and sustainable electricity to remote villages through the collaboration of IEEE volunteers, staff and the local benefactors is the mission of the IEEE Smart Village program. Solar-powered micro utilities have been established on 7 continents and serving 300,000 people in 48 villages in places like Cameroon, Haiti, India, Sub-Saharan Africa, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam. These Smart Village micro utilities play an important role in local health, education and economic development.

Life-changing experiences for students and local leaders alike help bring new services to communities and inspire students to become engineers. EPICS in IEEE works with tens of thousands of students a year in high schools and universities around the world. Thus far, EPICS has identified, supported and nurtured 132 social innovation projects that used engineering, technology, plus the hard work and ingenuity of 960 college and university students and 534 IEEE volunteers to improve the lives of more than 244,695 people.

The need for engineers, STEM professionals, and engineering students is increasing globally as important work for technologists increases. IEEE is uniquely positioned to help design and promote transformational scholarship programs such as the IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship Plus Initiative. PES S+ has awarded 917 students with 1,556 scholarships since 2011. Imagine the benefit of new scholarships each year in power, energy, technical and other vital disciplines, all developed to ensure the success of remarkable students interested in crafting our technological future.

Preserving and promoting the history of technology, the profession, and IEEE is the role of the IEEE History Center. Through targeted programs, the Center collects and disseminates resources that demonstrate the impact and influence of technology and its relationship, both past and present, to society. Historic innovations from around the world are recognized as IEEE Milestones, which celebrate IEEE’s dedication to sharing engineering history as a conduit to engage global citizens, a key component of the Campaign. The intertwined relationship between engineering and humanity is undeniable. Engineering and technology have influenced our world socially, economically, politically and culturally throughout history. IEEE REACH (Raising Engineering Awareness through the Conduit of History), illuminates the intersection of these relationships. REACH makes the history of engineering accessible with educational resources via a free, web-based platform. Fostering technology literacy, REACH teaches how technology impacts our world.

Innovations in engineering are required to meet many of the challenges facing our global family. Our Campaign goal is to continue to address those challenges, with your support. Think of how much more we can do.

Consider making your Campaign contribution to IEEE global initiatives today. Your gift will ensure the Campaign's success and enable IEEE programs to have ongoing and significant impacts around the world.

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