An Exclusive Interview with IEEE Foundation Chief Canine, Bruno McDonald

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Our special guest today is Bruno, who is the Best Friend of John McDonald, the IEEE Foundation 50th Anniversary Chair. Bruno has recently been appointed as: The IEEE Foundation 50th Anniversary Chief Canine. We were honored to have the opportunity to speak with Bruno about his interests, role as Chief Canine and what he’s going to do when he pops into the IEEE Foundation’s social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) throughout the 50th celebration.

Interviewer: Welcome, Bruno. Congratulations on being named Chief Canine.

Bruno: Woof…I mean, thank you.

Interviewer: How are you handling this new attention?

Bruno: I LOVE attention! Well, I just love people. They are so kind and give me the best scratches. Plus they are all doing such interesting things, so I can’t help but be in awe of their accomplishments.

Interviewer: Before we turn the spotlight on all of the people you meet, share with us a bit of how you arrived here. 

Bruno: I walked. 

Interviewer: Yes, of course, but how did you join the McDonald family?

Bruno: That was the best day of my life! For the first 10-months of my life, I lived with a different family. Lots of puppies and dogs around all the time, and so many children. They just didn’t have the time to give me the walks and cuddles that I deserved. My human sister (John’s daughter) knew the family and made the connection! I posed for several photos which they sent over. I guess I did a good job because John and his wife, Jo-Ann, saw how much love I had to give and came to make me part of their family. They only had small dogs before me, so I wanted to make a good impression on them from the beginning – I am 77 pounds after all. 

Interviewer: What was it like to move into your new home in Atlanta, Georgia?

Bruno: They picked me up and brought me to their house; so cool. John showed me the door to the deck and the pawsome fenced-in backyard. There was a bell at the door and I knew right away what to do with that – I’d ring it with my nose when I needed, or just wanted, to go out. I am very smart and knew what to do from the very beginning.

Interviewer: Well done. So how were you named Chief Canine?

Bruno: Well, John is the IEEE Foundation 50th Anniversary Chair, so of course, that makes me the Chief Canine! And, everyone loves me! Since John always has lots of IEEE people coming over to the house or on Zoom calls, I knew what had to be done–make new friends fast! And boy did I! John likes to mentor many students and entertain colleagues, so I have had the opportunity to work with so many interesting people in the IEEE community – all across the different IEEE programs, such as: 

I even made a cameo appearance in the IEEE Foundation’s 50th Anniversary video, ‘Reflecting on 50 Years of Impact,’ right by John’s side. I really think I was the star of the video, I am super cute, but those IEEE programs are pretty impressive too. 

Interviewer: Bravo.

Bruno: No, Bruno. Chief Canine Bruno. 

Interviewer: Ok, Chief Canine Bruno, word has it that you will be jumping on to the IEEE Foundation’s social channels throughout the 50th celebration to highlight those IEEE programs. Is that true?

Bruno: I’m not allowed to jump. But I will be featured in lots of posts through Feb 2024 – just look for my Bruno Seal of Approval and you’ll know it’s me. I can’t wait!  I’ve learned so much about loyal IEEE donors and the programs they support; and you know how much dogs value loyalty! Loyalty could be my middle name, because I don’t think I have one.

Interviewer: What would you like people to do when they see you on social media?

Bruno:  Learn about the programs and then, throw me a virtual bone by liking my posts first for sure. Then they can comment on what they love about IEEE programs and introduce me to their special pets by sharing pictures of them in the comments. That would be pawsome! I’d love to see John’s friend’s best friends on social media too!  

Interviewer: Thank you, Bruno, for speaking with us. By the way, we do have some snacks and beverages in the other room.

Bruno: Snow?! I love SNOW!

Interviewer: No, but I think there are some treats and cold water.

Bruno: How about you give me a few scratches and a walk around the block and we’ll call it even?

Interviewer: Deal, you’re a good boy!

Bruno: WOOF!

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