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IEEE Spectrum publishes hundreds of articles and videos about robots every year. And what readers tell them is that they love that content—and want more of it. What this experience showed  is that robots are the perfect entry point for the amazing world of science, technology, and engineering. The combination of robots and STEM is a powerful tool to attract, train, and educate the technologists of the future.

Your donation will ensure that the Robots Guide will work on any platform. This is important because schools today don’t necessarily just use iPads: They use things like Android tablets and Chromebooks. They need flexibility in how the content is being delivered to them. 

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Teachers asking us—some even demanding, kindly—that the Robots App remains alive so they can continue using in their classrooms.

We want to make that happen - we need your help to make that happen!

“This app was crucial to [our students] gaining a real understanding of what robots are and what they can do.  Once they explored the app students were inspired to design their own robots. Their creations were incredible! Please come out with a new [version] so next year's students can have the full benefit of what this wonderful app had to offer."
– Bethlehem Township School District, Asbury, N.J.

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