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2017 Donor Profiles


Gary Blome
Gary Blome has been an affiliate member of IEEE since 1993. While he is not an electrical engineer, Gary feels that the greatest benefit of his IEEE membership is his ability to stay abreast of the latest developments in the fields of electrical engineering and computing technology. Gary spent 20 years in the Air Force where he had the task of maintaining, operating, and insuring the safety of intercontinental ballistic missiles, which he credits for his appreciation of the engineering field.

Gary originally decided to donate to the IEEE Foundation when he was completing his IEEE membership application in the 1990s. After his giving lapsed, he had the opportunity to respond to an organizational questionnaire and visit its website ieeefoundation.org. This experience caused Gary to realize that, “the Foundation deserved a share of my annual philanthropic budget since the integrity of the organization, the worth of its goals, and the quality of its management are above reproach.”

Gary directs his monthly donation to the Foundation Fund so that his gifts go to where they are needed the most. “I chose to begin automated monthly contributions to the IEEE Foundation Fund, since that choice seemed to reinforce the ability of the Foundation to meet project contingencies.” Gary believes that it is important for all IEEE Members to be involved, because, “the future demands that the IEEE remain a healthy and vibrant international professional association that performs good works and encourages the continued interest of future generations in its field(s).”

Dave Green (HKN Member)
IEEE Senior Member
Paying It Forward

“I am in awe of my fellow volunteers who use our technologies for the betterment of mankind,” said Dave Green, when asked why he recently pledged donations to the IEEE Smart Village Program and the IEEE-USA Community Outreach MOVE Fund. Adding, “both groups make me proud to be an IEEE member.”

Volunteering is extremely important for Dave. “I have learned how to lead by example and through persuasion which has proven valuable in my career.” Recently retired from teaching at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Electrical & Engineering, Dave is long-time volunteer for IEEE. In addition to serving as Vice President of Grants on the IEEE Foundation Board, he has served in a variety of positions including IEEE Board Director, IEEE Treasurer, IEEE Secretary, and as part of the initial teams for IEEE Young Professionals, vTools, and IEEE Collabratec. Next year, he will serve as IEEE Foundation Treasurer.

Dave also supports the IEEE Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) and IEEE Presidents' Scholarship Funds, saying, “I encourage the support and recognition of the students who will be our successors and wish to set a good example for them. The IEEE Foundation provides an opportunity to pay it forward and make the world a better place through the technologies we have developed and deployed.”

Dave’s proudest moment while serving on the IEEE Foundation Board of Directors was when he voted to focus on Priority Initiatives which led the IEEE Foundation to have a significantly larger impact in advancing technology for humanity.


Cecelia Jankowski (HKN Member)
IEEE Senior Member
Motivated to Make Life Better

Cecelia Jankowski donates to organizations that empower engineers, members, students, and people to help others and make life better. Her IEEE Foundation giving is driven by the opportunity to support a variety of young professional and student programs. Most recently, she donated to the IEEE Smart Village Fund because of “moving stories from IEEE staff members about humanitarian projects that showed improvements in quality of life for local villages in remote areas.”

Cecelia joined IEEE after attending an IEEE Student Branch meeting on campus, which ultimately led to her first job with Grumman Aerospace. She was invited to join Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) and was a charter member of the HKN Student Chapter at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in New York, USA. Cecelia volunteered for her local IEEE Section for several years while at Grumman, and then joined the IEEE professional staff.

Motivated to donate year after year, Cecelia says “there is always a compelling program with a mission I am moved to support.” In 2013, Cecelia received the IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award and donated part of the financial award to the IEEE Foundation. Cecelia thinks donating to the IEEE Foundation is the best way of supporting Advancing Technology for Humanity. As a member of the IEEE staff, she is able to see firsthand how her donation is applied and the benefits it enables.

Pam Jones
IEEE Senior Member
Dedicated to Serving Young People in the Community

Pam Jones joined IEEE because her mentor, an IEEE member, said that she would have the opportunity to collaborate with others and work in the underserved community. For Pam, the greatest benefit of IEEE is “the chance to meet others who share my passion for affecting the lives of young people.”

When asked why she supports IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), Pam said, “I can see a direct impact of my contributions. I’ve received hand written post cards from the students who told me how my funds were used for their projects. If it was not for my contribution their program may not have come to fruition.” Adding that, “I have a responsibility to, in some small way, have a positive effect on our future. Our young people are the ones taking up the banner and leading us to a brighter tomorrow. HKN members take an oath to pursue things that are for the betterment of our communities. I know I’m making a great choice when donating my money to IEEE-HKN.”

Another reason why Pam gives to IEEE-HKN is the commitment she sees from IEEE, saying “Nancy Ostin, Director of HKN, is truly dedicated to the success of IEEE-HKN. She works tirelessly with the chapters and the students say her excitement is infectious. Her enthusiasm plays a huge part each year in my decision to support IEEE-HKN.” Pam thinks that IEEE staff should never underestimate the impact they have on a members’ decision to donate.

Allison Marsh
Allison Marsh joined IEEE in 1998 while attending Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, USA. IEEE membership enabled Allison to network with other IEEE graduate student members from around the world. Allison appreciates the engineering knowledge acquired through membership, calling it, “a way of approaching life, of tackling problems, of having confidence to experiment with new and changing technology.” Allison credits her college thermodynamics course for her fascination of the history of science and technology, and how she realized the importance of engineering history. “History shows all the different ways people approached problems and the variety of solutions. For me, it made engineering less rigid and more accessible,” said Allison.

She donates to the IEEE History Center REACH (Raising Engineering Awareness through the Conduit of History) Program. REACH provides teachers and students with educational resources that explore the relationship between technology and engineering history and the complex relationships they have with society, politics, economics, and culture.

One of Allison’s desires is to involve more women in STEM careers, something REACH is working to change. By providing high school history teachers the resources they need to teach about the history of engineering, the program strives to make engineering more accessible and interesting to young adults.

Allison makes recurring gifts to the REACH Fund of the IEEE Foundation. “The automatic payment system is incredibly easy to use,” said Allison. She hopes to stand out as an exemplar to the rest of the History Committee to inspire more generous giving to programs such as REACH.


Fred Mintzer (HKN Member)
IEEE Life Member
The Opportunity to Change Lives

According to Fred Mintzer, “IEEE’s greatest benefit is the opportunity to interact with the worldwide community of technical leaders—to work with and learn from them. It has been life changing.” Donating to the IEEE Foundation provides Fred with a way to be a part of many important efforts.

“I support IEEE-HKN because it opens the eyes of engineering students to opportunities,” said Fred, adding that as an undergraduate, “HKN taught me that being an engineer could be more than a job—engineering could be an impactful profession in which I could be a leader.” Fred enjoyed a successful career at IBM before retiring, and has held numerous leadership roles within IEEE—inspired in part by his IEEE-HKN experiences.

Fred also supports IEEE Smart Village, because “it provides electrical power to some of least-served people in the world—and opens possibilities for better communication, healthcare and education. This is one of the most fundamental ways we can touch people’s lives.” He is also interested in IEEE Foundation funded programs, such as EPICS in IEEE and IEEE-USA Community Outreach MOVE, that “enable tech professionals to directly benefit humanity”.

Fred thinks that IEEE, with its worldwide membership base, is uniquely positioned to develop and deploy humanitarian technologies. Member donations to the IEEE Foundation enable those programs to flourish and grow. “It has been said that with great power comes great responsibility. We technology professionals have been granted great power to change people’s lives. The opportunities are near endless.”


Anil Pahwa
IEEE Fellow
Supporting IEEE Smart Village

Anil Pahwa joined IEEE in 1977 because it is the premier society for his profession, saying that, “the biggest benefit of IEEE membership is the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements and to network with the professionals working in my field of interest.” Anil has been in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, USA, since 1983, where he is University Distinguished Professor and holds the Logan-Fetterhoof Chair. His research focuses on reliability, automation and optimization of power distribution systems.

Anil supports the IEEE Smart Village initiative. He says, “I have been in contact with the leadership team of IEEE Smart Village and have been impressed with their work dedicated to improving the lives of people around the world.” Anil serves as a volunteer on the IEEE Smart Village Development Committee. The IEEE Smart Village initiative provides electricity access to the remote rural communities of the world to provide them economic and educational opportunities.

Anil also donates to the IEEE Power & Energy Society Scholarship Plus Fund because its goal is to attract the next generation of students to power systems and prepare them for the future—which is an issue of great importance to him. When asked why is it important for IEEE members to support the IEEE Foundation, Anil replied, “because the IEEE Foundation advances the goals of the profession to make the world a better place,” noting that he is “impressed with their organization and approach to addressing different issues.”

S.K. Ramesh
IEEE Fellow, IEEE HKN Member  
Emphasizing Service as a Core Value

“Engineering is a team sport—it requires the major players to communicate and collaborate,” according to S.K. Ramesh. “Faculty, students, employers, and industry are the constituents, and successful organizations—like IEEE—take time to build communities that observe, measure, and act to create sustainable, impactful programs. The IEEE Foundation plays a vital role in supporting these communities.”

When deciding where to direct his philanthropic investment, Ramesh focuses on IEEE programs that are directly related to IEEE’s mission in the continuum of education that emphasize service as a core value. That is why he supports IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) and EPICS in IEEE. Ramesh said, “IEEE-HKN students take on leadership roles in mentoring undergraduate students and are actively engaged in community service activities. They exemplify the core values of IEEE-HKN: Scholarship, Character and Attitude.”

Ramesh says, “there will always be a need for engineers who can create that next generation of solutions. Programs like IEEE-HKN and EPICS in IEEE are unparalleled in their ability to inspire, engage, and connect IEEE members to serve society.” Ramesh feels honored and privileged serving IEEE in various roles for three decades. “Thanks to IEEE I have met and worked with some of the most brilliant engineers worldwide and continue to learn from all my interactions,” said Ramesh, adding “the defining moment for me, as I look back on my career, is my involvement with IEEE.”

Lewis Terman (HKN Member)
IEEE Life Fellow & 2008 IEEE President
Giving Back by Supporting Unique Programs

Lewis (Lew) Terman originally joined IRE (predecessor society of IEEE) in 1958. His father, Frederick Terman, was IRE President in 1941, and suggested he join as a student. “One could say that IRE/IEEE was in my genes,” said Lew. Serving as IEEE President in 2008, Lew has said that “being part of IEEE activities helps develop soft skills that are important in one’s career. I have met hundreds if not thousands of people I would not have met otherwise, and developed life-long friendships.”

Over the years, Lew and his wife Bobbie have been steadfast supporters of the IEEE Foundation. They invest in activities and projects that are unique to the IEEE humanitarian goals. Both IEEE Smart Village and EPICS in IEEE are great examples. IEEE Smart Village involves bringing power to off-grid villages around the world, and EPICS in IEEE involves students doing technology-based projects, which both serve community and educate students through their involvement in carrying through the projects. “Both have very worthwhile objectives,” Lew noted.

Lew and Bobbie are members of the IEEE Foundation’s Heritage Circle, which acknowledges the individuals who have "given back" to IEEE throughout their lifetime. “Giving back is very important—IEEE and the technical world has been instrumental in my career and, just as important, in the fun my career has provided. Giving back to help IEEE impact society is both valuable and rewarding,” said Lew.


Dr. John S. Thompson
IEEE Life Senior Member
Focusing on the Future

Dr. John S. Thompson says that giving to the IEEE Foundation is valuable way to “bring some balance to the books.” John first joined IEEE as a student, where he was attending university with support of scholarship donors. For him, it was an easy choice to support the EPICS in IEEE program as it seems like the best way to support today’s students in engineering fields, noting he is “amazed at the level of projects and commitment of these students.”

John has participated in many IEEE conferences and events—and he continues to find the easy access that IEEE provides to Life Members on developments in his fields of interest to be stimulating. John received the 2017 IEEE Donald O. Pederson Award in Solid-State Circuits and repurposed his honorarium to support the IEEE Foundation. “The support of former colleagues for my nomination was a most welcome gift. I felt I was given a unique opportunity to help both IEEE, and other worthy enterprises, and I should not let this chance go by,” he said.

John, who also supports the IEEE Life Members Fund, encourages others to promote a greater understanding of the crucial need for engineering and science today. John thinks that, “there is too great a danger to our society from ignorance of science and technology to not make an effort at countering this trend.” Reflecting back, John said, “the field of engineering has been good to me and I welcome the chance to help others join it.”

Corporate Donor
Looking to the Next Generation

As a six-time donor to the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Scholarship Plus Initiative, Ulteig recognizes the need to promote the power and energy industry to young engineers. “Maintaining a healthy pipeline of talented professionals will ensure that the industry remains vibrant and compelling,” said Craig Davies, Director, Corporate Marketing and Communications. Ulteig has provided funding for dozens of scholarships—with more than 50% of Scholars repeat recipients—leading to talented and career experienced power engineers and preserving the future of the field.

Jason Hoskins, Vice President, Innovation, Development and Quality, says of the IEEE PES Scholarship Initiative, “There is no doubt this Initiative makes a difference in the lives of students. I am pleased Ulteig has taken part in encouraging the development of the next generation of electrical power engineers in our industry.” The scope of impact and exposure that PES Scholars receive are compelling reasons to support the IEEE Foundation, stressed Craig. “Companies like Ulteig will ultimately benefit from these students’ contributions. Supporting the IEEE Foundation is an opportunity for Ulteig to give back to an organization that is dedicated to the development of a strong future workforce.”

Many of Ulteig’s employees are IEEE members, gaining knowledge and professional expertise through IEEE’s resources. “Ulteig’s values very much align with the Mission and Vision of IEEE—both organizations strive to improve and strengthen the fundamental elements of society and everyday life by leveraging the skills and competencies of those who serve as technical professionals,” said Craig.

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